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Teacher Committees

A teacher-led committee process is essential to the success of Area XII. Teachers are asked to serve on state-level and area-level committees in order to provide input and make suggestions, recommendations and decisions about important matters that affect Area XII teachers and FFA members.

As the area continues to develop a culture of unity and success, it is very important that committees function at their most effective levels in order to achieve common goals.

Information gathered and shared is also important to the members of Area XII. A committee report form is included on this page so that whenever a committee meeting or conference call is held, there can be a record of what transpired and any recommendations or suggestions made.

Commitee chairs and recording members should utilize this form each time there is a meeting.


Area XII Committee Report Form Area XII FFA Association Admin 9/24/2018 11 KB
Area XII Committee Report Instructions Area XII FFA Association Admin 9/24/2018 12 KB



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