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State Committees

The Texas FFA has established a committee structure to provide for teacher input and oversight in the many processes of the FFA.

The committees are composed of two teachers per area and typically meet during the VATAT Conference. There is a voting member from each area on each committee and a non-voting member who will attend the committee meeting but not vote on any committee decisions. In some instances the voting member cannot attend the meeting so the non-voting member serves as the voting member.

It is very important that teachers attend the committee meetings of the committees that they have volunteered or been elected to serve as area representatives.

Committee members are elected or re-elected at the Area XII General Meeting on the Tuesday afternoon of the VATAT Conference and will meet during the week with their respective committees and will serve a two-year term. They are eligible for re-election when their term has expired. A report of the results of the committee meeting will be presented at the general meeting on Tuesday or at the Friday Area XII General Meeting.

Notification of the meeting dates, times and location is handled by the Texas FFA Office or VATAT Office.


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