Area XII Association
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Leadership Development Events (LDE)

The LDE Committee will meet to discuss the many LDE contests and develop recommendations for improvements to those events each year. Included in their duties will be assisting with the selection and procurement of qualified judges, assisting with the set-up of the competition rooms, the formulation and recommendations of awards to be presented, the development of a competition rotation and a sweepstakes selection policy and tabulation.

At the conclusion of the yearly event, the committee will conduct a de-briefing to analyze the event in order to ensure an effective event in the coming year. The findings of this analysis will be presented to the general teacher meeting at the VATAT Conference in order to make recommendations for the next year's contest.

The teachers who serve on this committee are as follows:
Chairperson: Kenny Edgar - Vista Ridge - Capital District
Recording Member: Beverley Schroedter - McNeil - Brush Creek District
Members: Robert Stegelich - Bryan - Brazos Valley District
Tara Barton - Manor - STAR District
Josh Flowers - Belton - CenTex District


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