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Area XII Teacher Committees

Area level teacher-led committees were initiated by the Executive Committee at the 2018 VATAT Conference. A representative from each District was solicited to serve on these committees.

The committees met at the conference with each committee presented with a task list to serve the following purposes:
1. begin developing policies for the Area
2. discussing and proposing schedules for events
3. making recommendations to the Area in the specific subject matter of the committee
4. provide a wide ranging representation of ideas in input from each district
5. provide for a method of gathering wider input from and disseminating information to the districts
6. put in place a mechanism whereby there will be teachers who are qualified to fill positions on state level committees as the need arises in the future

A committee chair and recording secretary were selected to serve as leadership for each committee. A formal report from each committee will be presented at the subsequent VATAT conferences for consideration and adoption by the general membership of Ag teachers at the Area meetings on Tuesday and/or Friday.



Committee Meetings Minutes - 2018 Area XII FFA Association Admin 9/15/2018 755 KB



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