Area XII Association
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The Area Finance/Auditing Committee will be responsible for making recommendations and developing policy regarding the finances of the Area. Each District Treasurer will serve on this committee. The Area Treasurer will serve as the chairperson of the committee. 

The committee will examine the financial records of the Area near the conclusion of the fiscal year and make recommendations for the coming year's budget. Investment strategies and procedures will also fall into the view of this committee. Threshold amounts and account balances will be considered by the committee which will make recommendations to the Area Treasurer and Area Coordinator as they fulfill their fiscal duties as prescribed in those job descriptions.

The teachers on the committee are:
Chairperson:  Beverley Schroedter - McNeil - Brushy Creek
Recording Member:
Members: Wes Hancock - Caldwell - Brazos Valley District
Michael Brown - Lexington - STAR District
Shannon Houy - Rouse - Capital District
John Melvin - Killeen Career Center - CenTex


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